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Year Eleven Unit Three: Resource Management​​​​​​​

This unit is made up of Section C of Paper 2 of the AQA GCSE Geography specification.  Students begin by studying the global distribution of resources, looking at food, water and energy resources. They then learn about the opportunities and challenges for food, water and energy resources in the UK.  The second part of the unit focuses on water resources, including large-scale and sustainable water management.



Knowledge acquired:

AQA GCSE Geography specification:

  • Resource Management
  • Water Resource Management

Skills developed:

  • Ability to evaluate evidence and reach conclusions e.g. ‘To extent can the UK become food secure?’
  • Ability to use maps and graphs and apply maths skills. e.g. by using a map to analyse large-scale water transfer schemes in the UK


  • Ability to understand geographical concepts and processes relating to resource management in the UK and water resource management in different parts of the world

Links to previous study (where applicable):

  • Links to Living in the UK, studied in Year 7
  • Links to The Living World and Physical Landscapes of the UK, studied in Year 10
  • Links to The Changing Economic World, studied in Year 11
  • Link to prior learning at KS4 – applying learning to exam-style questions relating to KSU.

Links to future study / the wider world (where applicable):

  • Link to A Level e.g. AQA A Level – Resource Security

Method(s) of assessment: 

  • Forms part of the Paper 2 mock exam, in March of Year 11.
  • Final assessment: assessed within Paper 2 (sat in June of Year 11).

Use of assessment result(s):

  • Used to identify areas of weakness in terms of knowledge and skills.  Addressed throughout the remainder of the course.