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Year Nine Topic Two - World Environmental Threats

In this topic students will learn about a range of issues connected to the environment, such as tourism, pollution and deforestation. There will be an opportunity to develop fieldwork and enquiry skills, looking at how the school environment is managed and how other areas could be improved. Students will learn about the impacts on the environment and the animals. At the and of the topic there will be a focus on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest covering cause, impact and sustainable management.



Knowledge acquired:

  • Knowledge of the World’s environmental issues
  • Knowledge of the rainforest ecosystem
  • Understand how we can manage environmental issues

Skills developed:

  • Ability to use maps and graphs to identify patterns of where the rainforest is located
  • Enquiry – A geographical investigation of the quality of environment in the school grounds.
  • Comparing and analysing a range of data sets.


  • Apply knowledge and understanding to interpret, analyse data.

Links to previous study (where applicable):

  • Students study locations and features of different continents in Key Stage 2
  • Links to Africa, studied in Year 7

Links to future study / the wider world (where applicable):

  • Links to The Living World, studied in Year 10
  • Links to Fieldwork Skills, studied in Year 10 and Fieldwork Investigations, studied in Year 11



Number of lessons: 14

Sequence of lessons:

  1. Environmental Concerns
  2. Problems in the countryside
  3. National Parks
  4. School grounds investigation – how is the area managed? Which areas could be improved and how?
  5. Rubbish and recycling
  6. Energy resources
  7. Animal adaption
  8. Endangered animals
  9. Rainforest ecosystem
  10. Brazil
  11. Cause and effect of deforestation
  12. Chico Mendez
  13. Sustainable use of the rainforest
  14. Saving the future of the Earth

Main resources:

  • Geog.2 textbook
  • Teacher prepared PowerPoints
  • Worksheets

Method of assessment:

  • Skills assessment at the end of the unit
  • Peer marking after activities

Use of assessments:

  • Recall activities used to inform on-going teaching and learning.
  • End of topic test: used to identify areas of strength and weakness in terms of knowledge and skills.  Areas of weakness addressed throughout the remainder of the course.