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Year Seven Topic Four: Africa​​​​​​​

The first part of this topic looks at Africa on a continental scale, including its size and population in relation to the other continents, the history of colonisation and its’ biomes.  The second half of the topic focuses on the region of the Horn of Africa.  Students learn about the human and physical geography of the region, rural and urban areas and the challenges and opportunities facing the region.



Knowledge acquired:

  • The main physical and human geographical characteristics of Africa and the region of the Horn of Africa.
  • The impact of colonisation on the people of Africa.
  • The challenges and opportunities facing people in different areas of the region of the Horn of Africa.

Skills developed:

  • Interpreting a range of maps, plans, models and sets of data.
  • Written communication – making a decision and communicating reasons for this choice, using a range of evidence.


  • Deepening understanding of the links between physical and human geographical characteristics.

Links to previous study (where applicable):

  • Links to world locational geography from ‘Fascinating Places and Where to find them’.

Links to future study / the wider world (where applicable):

  • Links to Ecosystems (studied in Year 8 and 10)
  • Links to Nigeria (studied in Year 11)
  • Links to Development (studied in Year 8 and 11)
  • Links to Globalisation (studied in Year 9 and 11)
  • Links to urban challenges (studied in Year 10)



Number of lessons: 8 -10

Sequence of lessons: (some elements take more than one hour to deliver)

  1. What is Africa like?
  2. People in Africa
  3. African landscapes
  4. Horn of Africa: Introduction
  5. Horn of Africa: rural areas
  6. Horn of Africa: urban areas
  7. Horn of Africa: challenges and opportunities

Main resources:

  • Teacher-prepared PowerPoint presentation and worksheets for each lesson.
  • Geog.1 pages 100 137

Method of assessment:

  • End of topic test
  • Regular, low-stakes quizzes and memory recall activities throughout the topic.

Use of assessments:

  • Recall activities used to inform on-going teaching and learning.
  • End of topic test: used to identify areas of strength and weakness in terms of knowledge and skills.  Areas of weakness addressed throughout the remainder of the course.