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Physical Education

The Physical Education curriculum at Limehurst Academy offers a wide range of sports and activities, which enable students to learn, engage, have fun and gain a ‘love’ for PE.  There are a variety of sports which students take part in, allowing all learners to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to fully participate.  

Lessons are designed to gradually improve knowledge, skills and performance, as well as stretching and challenging individuals at all levels and abilities, so that physical activity and sport become a central part of their lives, both in and out of school.  

The curriculum is designed so students can enjoy the sport, as well as giving them the necessary skills and knowledge associated with physical education. Students can then use these positive experiences to keep physically active and healthy into their adult lives. Skills, knowledge and enjoyment can be enhanced further at extra-curricular clubs, through competing for school or joining a local club. 

At Key Stage 4 we offer the Edexcel GCSE PE and OCR Cambridge National Sport Studies qualifications. 

Knowledge and Understanding 

Students at Limehurst Academy will fully appreciate and understanding the many physical, social and psychological benefits sport, exercise and physical activity can bring, reaping the rewards along the way.  


  • Pupils develop their techniques, skills and ability in a broad range of sports and activities, being able to apply them to a variety of sports and situations, improving their resilience, communication and leadership skills along the way.  

  • PE improves literacy and numeracy in students, expanding their vocabulary when using different types of terminology and phrases during a variety of sports. 

  • At Key Stage 4, students build on the foundations and experiences at Key Stage 3 to study the theory behind sport/exercise, learning about topics such as Anatomy & Physiology. Studying PE enhances their ability to analyse performance and construct well-structured written responses supported with factual evidence and give specific examples from a variety of sports. 

  • PE will improve the confidence and self-esteem in students and enhance their social skills, as well as encouraging students to transfer knowledge and skills into other learning areas. 

  • Students develop and improve their communication and leadership skills, as well as learning a number of ‘life’ skills which will be used in the future, like working as part of a team. 

The Future 

  • PE will encourage students to further explore their experiences and opportunities. This could be the physical part of being active, leading a healthy lifestyle and trying a new sport/activity, or could also be in the form of further studying the theory aspects of sport, health and exercise, leading to a career in the sport/health/leisure industry.  

  • PE can lead to a great future. Many apprenticeships and employers value and treasure the knowledge and skills that studying PE can provide, such as: leadership and communication, working in a team and being able to compromise, respect, resilience and punctuality as well as good organisation and social skills.