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Our aim at Limehurst Academy is to build on the success of the literacy skills developed at primary school and to provide pupils with a broad access to the three key areas of study in English: speaking & listening, reading and writing. This is achieved through work on a series of modules such as: the study of a variety of fiction texts; the development of writing skills; analysis of non-fiction and media texts and the teaching of drama and speaking skills. In addition, we offer a range of extra-curricular opportunities such as reading groups, theatre visits and workshops and competitions. 

We aim to foster literacy skills in the English Department which can be adapted and utilised by pupils to access all areas of the curriculum within school.  

We believe that reading for pleasure is a vital part of everyday life and as a result, we actively encourage pupils to develop a love of reading. We think this will enable them to interact with and be engaged by texts not only as entertainment, but also at a level which enables them to develop reading and writing skills across the curriculum. These skills will be invaluable to pupils for future studies and careers. Pupils are expected to carry a reading book in their school bags at all times and are encouraged to make full use of the school library.