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East Midlands Education Trust

Proposed transfer of Limehurst Academy to East Midlands Education Trust (EMET)


In selecting the right multi-academy trust for the school, we were looking for:

  • One which recognises us as an extremely successful school.
  • One in which we would retain our autonomy to run our school for our community.
  • One which doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • One which is large enough to bring the benefits we are looking for, but not so big that we become ‘lost’.
  • One which puts children and staff first.

The Chair of trustees and Headteacher met with a number of larger Trusts, and it became clear that East Midlands Education Trust was the only one which met all of our objectives.  We were particularly impressed with:

  • Its charter, summarised by this line: A partnership of willing, proud and autonomous schools
  • Its geographical proximity; started and based at West Bridgford School
  • Its size: 7 primaries, 6 secondaries & one alternative provision school.
  • Its cautious approach to growth: no new secondaries since 2016, and all partners have joined voluntarily.
  • The fact that the school’s local governing body retains autonomy – specified in the terms of reference and validated by other headteachers.
  • The support it can offer with governance.
  • Its excellent CPD provision, including the provision of NPQs for its staff.
  • The career opportunities for staff that would arise.
  • Its teacher-training provision.
  • The research it carried out on Limehurst, which was far superior to any other Trust we spoke with.
  • The advantages that it thinks Limehurst can bring to the Trust

Potential benefits to Limehurst

  • Access to capital funding to improve outdoor sports facilities to benefit students and the wider community, and bring in lettings income.
  • Retaining a local governing body, while members and trustees operate at Trust level.
  • Being in EMET aids the recruitment and retention of staff, and offers staff greater professional development opportunities.
  • Our excellent standards since 2017 means that Limehurst can add capacity to the Trust in terms of school improvement, particularly at middle and senior leadership level.
  • The strength in numbers of being part of a larger Trust, which would have been welcomed over the past six months.

Please get in touch with any comments or questions. 

The consultation closes at 3:00pm on Sunday 8th November 2020.