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Here is a list of this terms most recent letters home, each can be downloaded by clicking the links below.

Name Year/Group Date
End of Term Newsletter All Years 9th July 2021
End Of Year All Years 8th July 2021
End Of Term All Years 1st July 2021
Mock Exams Year 10 28th June 2021
GCSE Results Day Year 11 24th June 2021
COVID Year 7-10 11th June 2021
Year 11 Update Year 11 21st May 2021
Face Coverings All Years 14th May 2021
Teacher Assessed Grades Year 11 5th May 2021
Year 11 Yearbook Year 11 4th May 2021
Uniform Expectations All Years 23rd April 2021
Teacher Assessed Grades Year 11 13th April 2021
Attendance Prize Draw Years 7-10 25th March 2021
Letter to Parents All Years 24th March 2021
Red Nose Day All Years 17th March 2021
Teacher Assessed Grades Year 11 8th March 2021
Letter to Parents All Years 26th February 2021
National Careers Week All Years 24th February 2021
Half Term Update All Years 12th February 2021
Letter to all parents from Leicestershire County Council All Years 5th February 2021
Remote Education Update Letter All Years 8th January 2021
Mobile Data Letter for Parents All Years 7th January 2021
Year 11 GCSE Grading Year 11 7th January 2021
Remote Learning Letter for Parents All Years 4th January 2021
Spring term arrangements for Y11 Year 11 18th December 2020
Spring term arrangements for Y7-10 students Years 7-10 18th December 2020
Spring term arrangements for Y7-10 vulnerable students Years 7-10 18th December 2020
Autumn Term 2020 All Years 18th December 2020
Year 11 December Progress Report Year 11 15th December 2020
End of Term All Years 10th December 2020
Year 11 Mock Exam Year 11 27th November 2020
Letters to Contacts All Years 25th November 2020
Lesson On Puberty Year 8 17th November 2020
201116 Update Letter All Years 16th November 2020
Children in Need All Years 11th November 2020
Guidelines on social distancing All Years 6th November 2020
Steel Pan Tuition Year 7 3rd November 2020
Face Masks All Years 30th October 2020
201028 Update All Years 28th October 2020
Open Events 2020 All Years 27th October 2020
Advice To all Parents All Years 11th October 2020
EMET Consultation All Years 6th October 2020
COVID Advice All Years 2nd October 2020
Coats All Years 1st October 2020
GCSE PE Revision Guide Year 11 1st October 2020
Return to School All Years 19th August 2020
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination All Years 5th August 2020
Coronavirus Letter All Years 17th March 2020
Barnardo's LifeSkills Programme Year 7 27th January 2020
Year 11 Pixl Mock Exams Year 11 24th January 2020
Science Trip Chemistry Masterclass Year 8 22nd January 2020
GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition Course Year 11 8th January 2020
Year 11 Early Finish Year 11 4th December 2019
Year 10 Parents Evening Year 10 8th November 2019
BodyWorlds Exhibition Year 11 5th November 2019
Mock Exams Year 11 4th November 2019
Warwick Castle Trip All Years 18th October 2019
Geography Revision Materials Year 11 15th October 2019
End of Term Non-School Uniform Day All Years 15th October 2019
Alton Towers Trip Year 11 10th September 2019
GCSE Drama - West Side Story GCSE Drama 6th September 2019
School Uniform All Years

3rd July 2019