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Year nINE Topic Three - Changing Economy​​​​​​​

This topic looks at the changes to economic activity within the UK and globally over the past 50 years. Students study the impacts of globalisation and deindustrialisation, in the UK and in Newly Emerging Economies such as India and China. Students then go on to study the changes in tourism over the last 50 years and consider the impacts and solutions to the issues caused by tourism.



Knowledge acquired:

  • Knowledge of the growth and impacts of globalisation
  • Knowledge of the impacts of tourism
  • Understand how tourism can be managed

Skills developed:

  • Ability to use maps and graphs to identify patterns of where products are manufactured and sold to market


  • Apply knowledge and understanding to interpret, analyse data and images of tourism

Links to previous study (where applicable):

  • Links to Living in the UK, studied in Year 7
  • Links to Development, studied in Year 8

Links to future study / the wider world (where applicable):

  • Links to The Changing Economic World, studied in Year 11



Number of lessons: 14

Sequence of lessons: (some elements take more than one hour to deliver)

  1. What is globalisation
  2. Transnational Corporations
  3. Factors increasing global trade
  4. Global consumption patterns
  5. Clarke Fisher model
  6. Impacts of globalisation
  7. The trade game
  8. Growth of tourism
  9. Theme parks
  10. Plan a holiday to a pen portrait
  11. Plan a holiday to a pen portrait
  12. Impacts of tourism
  13. Responsible tourism

Main resources:

  • Geog.3 textbook
  • Teacher prepared PowerPoints
  • Worksheets

Method of assessment:

  • Skills assessment at the end of the unit
  • Peer marking after activities

Use of assessments:

  • Recall activities used to inform on-going teaching and learning.
  • End of topic test: used to identify areas of strength and weakness in terms of knowledge and skills.  Areas of weakness addressed throughout the remainder of the course.