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Year Seven Topic One: Fascinating Places and Where to find them

This topic is an introduction to geography at Key Stage Three.  It draws on students’ learning from Key Stage Two and looks at geography and the idea of ‘place’ at a global, regional and local scale.  It also includes map skills and an introduction to geographical enquiry and fieldwork.



Knowledge acquired:

  • World locational knowledge (building on KS2) – continents, oceans, major lines of latitude.
  • Knowledge of specific places e.g. Shanghai, Loughborough and the surrounding area.

Skills developed:

  • Map skills – using an atlas, OS map and compass directions
  • Oracy – working in a small group to make decisions and then communicate these to the whole class
  • Enquiry – the process of a geographical investigation
  • Numeracy – making and interpreting a range of data presentation methods


  • The concept of scale
  • Analysis of a data set

Links to previous study (where applicable):

  • Links to world geographical study and map skills at KS2

Links to future study / the wider world (where applicable):

  • Fieldwork investigations



Number of lessons: 10

Sequence of lessons: (some elements take more than one hour to deliver)

  1. The World is our oyster!
  2. The best place in the World?
  3. Bright City Lights
  4. To Loughborough and Beyond
  5. Exploring Limehurst

Main resources:

  • Teacher-prepared PowerPoint presentation and worksheets for each lesson
  • Atlases
  • OS maps

Method of assessment:

  • No formal assessment (as this is a Lighting Fires topic, taught at the beginning of the year)
  • Regular, low-stakes quizzes and memory recall activities throughout the topic

Use of assessments:

  • Recall activities used to inform on-going teaching and learning.