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Most Able

Limehurst Academy provides a challenging curriculum and offers a range of enrichment opportunities for all our students.  As part of this, we are committed to meeting the needs of our Most Able (MA) students to ensure that they reach their full potential in their academic achievement and also in a range of aspects of school life.

Our MA students have an entitlement to the following:

  • Lessons that stimulate, engage, challenge, inform, excite and encourage through partnership and dialogue with teachers and other students and active participation in the lesson.
  • Being fully prepared to meet their full potential at assessment and examination at KS3 and KS4.
  • Staff commitment and training to develop students’ full potential.
  • Skilled, well-prepared and informed teachers who have a perspective and understanding of whole school needs, problems and policies, especially those concerning issues related to those students identified as MA.
  • An entitlement beyond subject teaching, including preparation for adult life and preparation for the world of work. This should include extracurricular activity, personal and social education and careers guidance.

As a parent, what can I do to support my child?

There are many practical steps that you can take to support and nurture your child, for example by encouraging him/her to:

  • Discuss homework and schoolwork
  • Read for pleasure, including demanding/challenging books
  • Utilise the internet and local library as learning and research resources
  • Visit museums, science centres, nature reserves and art galleries
  • Watch educational and current affairs programmes such as the news, wildlife/nature programmes and documentaries, and discuss them
  • Read a quality national newspaper
  • Discuss and debate topics, such as politics, the environment and the media
  • Take part in extra-curricular activities
  • Take an active part in family decision-making
  • Listen to different types of music
  • Take regular physical exercise
  • Socialise and relax in between work and learn to ‘switch off’

What can students do?

It is every student’s responsibility to make the most of their learning opportunities during lessons by taking advantage of the more challenging activities on offer.  There are also a range of after school clubs or classes to take part in at Limehurst to develop wider interests and/or supplement subject knowledge.  In addition, taking part in out of school clubs and reading widely helps all students, including the Most Able, to reach their full potential.

Regardless of a student’s future plans, the ability to extend themselves and research independently into their interests is an invaluable skill to develop and will support their College and Sixth Form applications, University applications and/or future job applications and interviews.