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Welcome to the Mathematics Department!

At Limehurst Academy the Mathematics department intend to build on the successful numeracy skills developed at primary school and to ensure each pupil makes good progress. We will encourage pupils to solve problems using key processes such as:

  • Looking for patterns and relationships between numbers
  • Making sense of and checking information
  • Communicating and presenting Maths using words and diagrams for example graphs and symbols
  • Reasoning and developing mathematical arguments

Students will use these processes by working on a series of modules throughout each year and being assessed every half term.

Students are closely monitored to ensure that they are making appropriate progress and staff are keen to create a relaxed working atmosphere in classrooms where pupils feel confident in seeking support with their Maths work.

In addition to this the Maths department provide extra curricular opportunities such as homework clubs, monthly competitions and out of school revision sessions.

Students will also have access to online resources which can be used to consolidate work covered in lessons and to complete online homework.

Key Stage 3

Students study the KS3 programmes of study in year 7 and in year 8. When they arrive in Y7 students are taught in ability groups. We carry out some baseline assessments and look at KS2 data when deciding these sets. Higher ability sets tend to work at a slightly quicker pace and are expected to progress quicker. They are also expected to reason mathematically and solve problems. The lower ability groups are smaller and often have support staff to give students more individual attention.

Key Stage 4

Students start preparing for GCSE maths from year 9. Students receive either 3 or 4 maths lessons per week depending on their learning pathway. We follow the new AQA GCSE specification.

Please see the following documents for more information.