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Welcome to the Design Department!

Our ADT Department consists of four exciting subject areas:

Art, Food, Textiles, and 3D Design.

Through these subjects pupils are able to experience and study the research, planning, designing, and creation of unique and expressive personal outcomes.

Our groups are mixed ability and classes are kept small to ensure a safe working environment, where pupils have the benefit of a specialist and tailored creative education.

It is important to us that projects include KS4 skill building right from the start of a pupil’s creative journey with us, this supports confidence and achievement with an ability to make informed decisions for further study. We believe that each child has the ability to excel in ADT… our aim is to uncover the artist, designer, and professional within, via engaging and stimulating projects that enable learning across a wide range of materials and processes, in a safe learning environment.

We have a collaborative thematic approach to lesson planning, which enables pupils to grasp the creative threads that flow through our whole department:

  • Year 7: ‘Toolkit’ – Pupils undertake projects that allow them to build proficiency and confidence across the building blocks of their ADT subjects.
  • Year 8: ‘Celebration’ – Pupils explore festivities from modern, historical, and cultural starting points, they build upon prior skill to produce individual outcomes.
  • Year 9: ‘Identity’ and beyond – Pupils use ADT to explore this challenging theme from various independent standpoints; pupils are encouraged to fully engage with KS4 style expectations. In the final stages of Y9, pupils choose which ADT area to join for their last project. Staff then create a program of study to best meet the needs of these freshly created classes. This approach ensures future ADT GCSE students have a chance to kick-start their options, and that those unfortunately leaving us for study elsewhere have the chance to see out their ADT education in their preferred area. 
  • Year 10 and 11: ‘GCSE’ – Pupils have the opportunity to study ADT in an extended form, where they will embark on their first journey into the possibility of a creative career. We guide and nurture pupils to make independent decisions that simultaneously showcase their strengths, and build confidence in their areas for development.

ADT subjects naturally encompass many transferrable skills desirable for industry, such as problem solving, team work, communication, creative thinking, fine motor skills, patience, independence…and that is before we even talk about the vast range of practical skills covered!

We are passionate about ADT here at Limehurst Academy and consider it our privilege to uncover and nurture that passion in others.

ADT Leavers Celebration

In 2020 our Y11's had their ADT courses suddenly and unexpectedly cut short due to Covid-19. This meant that they didn't get to complete their projects, or enjoy an end of year exhibition in celebration of their efforts.

We have put together this little highlight reel showcasing our 2020 leavers in ADT - we hope you enjoy watching! Well done 2020 Y11 ADTers from all of us


3D Design KS3

 3D Design KS4

Art KS3

Art KS4

Food KS3

Food KS4

Textiles KS3

Textiles KS4