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Governing Body

The Governing Body play a very active part in Limehurst’s success.

The full Governing Body meets four times per year, and there is a Finance and General Purpose (F&GP) Committee which also meet regularly.

If you wish to contact the Governing Body, please contact the governors online using the form below.

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Next Full Governing Body Meeting: Tuesday 24th March 2020

To view the Governing Body Register please follow the link: Governing Body Register

Type of Governor


Term Ends


Community Matthew Daly 22.01.2022 Chair of Governors
Member David Howlett 05.10.2019 Chair of F&GP
Member Jewel Miah 05.10.2019  
Member Jonathan Mellor ex-officio Headteacher
Member – nominated Anji Wray 05.10.2019 Vice Chair
Member – nominated Anoma Gunewardena 05.10.2019 Responsible Officer
Member – nominated VACANCY    
Member Sally Fox 12.01.2020  
Community Malcolm Heaven 20.09.2020  
Community Amrita Johal 22.01.2022  
Community VACANCY    
Parent David Temple 20.09.2020  
Staff Lisa Kilner 05.10.2019 SEN
Staff Dan Neary 05.10.2020  
Staff Graham Robinson 05.10.2020  
  Tina Hutson-Goater   Company Secretary
  Helen Chadwick   Clerk to Governors
Community Michael Sanderson    


Amanda Daly

Community  Marie Jones    
Parent Hiron Miah    
Parent Liz Clark    

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