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Remote Education - Lockdown

At Limehurst Academy we are providing remote education that is of equivalent length to the core teaching students would receive in school.   

Children of critical workers and vulnerable children can access full-time, on-site provision in accordance with government guidelines during this time.

Remote Education Provision

  • Work is available for all our students each day on Microsoft Teams to provide schooling for five hours a day.

  • Students receive a range of lessons which include recorded lessons and also live, direct teaching.  Some lessons give the opportunity for students to complete tasks and assignments independently.

  • Many of the recorded lessons are produced by our teachers but others include learning materials produced by Oak Academy, BBC Teach or similar.  

  • A minimum of one in every three lessons provided by each subject is a live lesson on Microsoft Teams led by a member of our teaching staff. 

We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate.

Accessing Remote Education

Some students have a lack of digital or online access at home and we have worked with the parents of these students to ascertain need and loan devices as appropriate. Where Internet connection has been a problem, our IT Services department have worked with parents to overcome issues wherever possible.

Where digital or online access has been a problem for students, a pack of work for all daily, timetabled lessons has been delivered to students to ensure that learning time has not been lost. Feedback is given to students on the work they have completed from work packs.

Engagement and Feedback

We are grateful to parents for ensuring that students engage fully with the remote education provided and for setting routines to support their child’s education.

We check on a daily basis that students are engaging with their work and quickly and regularly make contact with parents to identify solutions where engagement is a concern.  We will also contact parents to let them know where students are engaging well with remote education and working hard from home.  In addition, regular welfare checks are made with students to talk about their ability to access work. 

To ensure that students are able to engage as fully as possible with remote education, students in all year groups received training on how to use Microsoft Teams during the Autumn Term 2020.  In addition, letters to parents about remote education have included links to Teams training videos for information. 

These training videos are available at the bottom of this page for any parents or students who would find it useful to have this reminder.

Assessing Student Work and Progress

Feedback is given to students at least weekly in each subject and we use a variety of methods to assess and feedback on student work.   For example, students may receive individual feedback on work they upload onto Teams, there may be whole-class feedback on pieces of work or model answers might be provided which students can use to improve their work.  Teachers may also use quizzes that are marked automatically for example using the quiz facility on Teams Assignments


The work provided by teachers is differentiated to meet the needs of all students.  Weekly welfare checks are made to parents of students with EHCPs which include checking that work is accessible for these students.

Safeguarding During Remote Education:

  • All live lessons are recorded for safeguarding reasons which also allows students to review the lessons in their own time. 

  • All materials used by teachers meet the same safeguarding standards as in school lessons.

  • Parents, students and teachers have been provided with guidance to follow whilst taking part in live lessons.

  • If a student has any concerns before, during or after remote education sessions, they should tell their parent.  Parents should ring the Limehurst Office who will direct them to an appropriate member of staff to discuss their concerns.

  • To report any safeguarding concerns, please ring the Limehurst Office and ask to speak to a Designated Safeguarding Lead.  If it is outside of opening times, please send an email to

If you have any questions about remote education provision please contact Claire Corker, Assistant Headteacher, via the Limehurst Office.


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