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Limehurst Academy Teacher Selected To Attend Parliament’s “Teachers’ Institute”

Ellie Bloodworth, a teacher from Limehurst Academy school in Loughborough has been selected to attend “Teachers’ Institute” in the Houses of Parliament.  Since it was launched in 2006, “Teachers’ Institute” has trained more than 600 teachers, from all parts of the UK, giving them skills and knowledge of Parliament to pass on to their students and fellow teachers.

Ellie applied to Parliament’s open call and was selected from more than 100 applicants to attend the three-day event in Parliament.  Fully funded by Parliament’s Education Service, Ellie will get to participate in question and answer sessions with the Speaker and the Lord Speaker, and hear from parliamentarians of all parties about their work in the Commons and Lords.

John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, said:
“I am proud that this excellent initiative continues to provide such an invaluable service. Better engagement and dialogue with young people is of fundamental importance to our democracy, and I am sure that the teachers attending will find the experience both useful and enlightening.”

Nicky Morgan MP for Loughborough, said:
“I am delighted that Ellie Bloodworth, a teacher from my constituency, is attending Teachers’ Institute at Parliament.  Teachers have so many opportunities to engage young people with Parliament and their democratic heritage, and I am sure that the students in Limehurst Academy will benefit from Ellie’s experience.”