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Youth Sport Award Go Camp

The Youth Sport Award Go Camp is taking place on the 23rd-27thJuly on Loughborough University’s campus.

What is the Youth Sport Award Go Camp?

It is a FREE opportunity for current Year 9 students to complete the ‘Go’ level of the Youth Sport Trust’s Youth Sport Award; a unique reward and recognition scheme for young people to evidence their learning, progress and achievement in and through sport. By taking part, young people will seek to build key transferable skills such as communication, team work and leadership, and promote healthier living in and through sport.

Over the course of 5 days, attendees will complete a number of tasks each with defined targets/milestones that will culminate in them being awarded the ‘Go’ level of achievement.

The tasks are split into 4 key themes:

-        Wellbeing: This will include 420 minutes of physical activity over the course of the 5 days.

-        Achievement: Completion of a recognised training linked to sport

-        Leadership: 10 hours of leadership and volunteering

-        Reflection: Crafting written evidence of the skills they have developed and transferring these skills from sport to life

There are 50 spaces available in total, and we think this is going to fill up very quickly. To book, students need to contact Ms T Durrands in Pupil Support at Limehurst Academy to receive the relevant documents to complete . 

Just to reiterate, the event is completely free of charge with lunch, refreshments and transport to and from schools in Leicestershire will be provided.