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Students Attend Mozilla Festival

Two of our students went to London at half-term, to take part in an afternoon exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on young people today.  The event was run by Voice Magazine and the Mozilla Foundation and the workshop was an opportunity for young people to develop their opinions, and learn about what the future might look like through sharing views and experiencing AI hands-on.  The young people taking part were able to voice their thoughts on a range of areas including what good AI might do, how it might be used in the future and what the product makers should consider - your privacy, how you want to use it, and how far it should go.  

Rishi’s blog on the event can be found below as well as on the Voice Magazine website:

"So me and my sister came up to our first ever Mozilla event on AI today.  We didn't really have any initial knowledge on Artificial Intelligence so for us it was really interesting to find out about the different uses, benefits and even disadvantages of AI.  We learnt about how different platforms like Facebook collect your data and even how the Amazon Alexa works and functions.  We further discovered how AI can influence the artificial creation of people's faces that have been randomly created only using key features.  We also visited BBC datalab's stand where we found out about their project on BBC sounds and how they will use AI to collect users information and predict recommendations off certain history age group etc.  We then proceeded to sit down in groups and throw around ideas and opinions on things like how AI may affect jobs and the way we live etc.  All in all, for our first ever time at an event like that, we loved it; we found it interesting and we would definitely do something like that again."

The link to the article on the entire event can be found here: