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Talk The Talk

On 10th July, 30 students at Limehurst Academy worked with expert trainers from the education charity Talk The Talk.

Talk The Talk’s mission is to improve students’ communication skills to enable positive interaction in all life situations.

Talk The Talk has trained over 25,000 students in the past twelve months in England and Wales and nearly 80,000 since we first started - using a programme developed over the past six years.

Talk About Communication is an exciting and engaging master-class in essential speaking and listening skills. Within a creative classroom environment, it teaches students how to use persuasive language techniques to get ‘their message’ across.  The day highlights and nurtures employability skills, interview techniques and key presentation skills.  Via numerous speaking opportunities, students are coached and supported throughout the day to deliver a structured two-minute presentation to their peers on a topic for which they have a genuine passion.


"There is no doubt that grades open the door to opportunity for our students.  But when they walk through that door – it is a completely different set of skills.  We are striving to ensure that all young people are suitably equipped with the essential tools and skills to communicate confidently in a variety of situations – both within school and in their lives beyond.

Young people are reluctant to stand up and speak out. They are reticent in voicing their thoughts and opinions due to the fear of being wrong or being ridiculed by their peers.  One of the keys to the success of the Talk The Talk programme is breaking down these barriers by creating an environment of mutual respect with a supportive ethos within the classroom.  When students stand up and voice their opinions, share their thoughts and present their ideas – they are applauded by their peers and congratulated by their workshop leader and school staff alike.   We demonstrate that speaking out is not a ‘life or death’ experience – but one that we CAN do – and one that is no way near as daunting as we might think."

Richard Hull – Director – Talk The Talk


"The evidence points very persuasively to a highly successful intervention, in particular for shy and reticent students, helping to increase their skills and confidence."

Professor John MacBeath - Cambridge University


"There is overwhelming support for the effectiveness of the Talk The Talk project…"

NET – National Education Trust


We are really proud of how much our students developed throughout the course of the day and we look forward to seeing them put their skills into practice next year.