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  • Coronavirus Update

    Published 10/03/20
    Summer holidays The school is now closed to students, and we are no longer able to take telephone calls.  You can still reach us by email, or by filling in a contact form - see the Contact Us page. Summer Free School Meals supermarket
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    Published 17/10/19
    The Department for Education (DfE) published its provisional league tables on 17th October 2019, and we are delighted to report that Limehurst’s performance was ranked 1st in Loughborough, 5th in Leicestershire, and 246th na
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  • STEM News

    Published 10/07/20
    Since schools closed our amazing pupils have continued to show their determination and passion in STEM. Following on from last year's success in TeenTech as Gold Award winners, Team Virtual Response went onto achieve a Gold CREST Award (aimed
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  • Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers recognised with award

    Published 07/07/20
    Limehurst would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Duke of Edinburgh participants for all of your hard work, dedication and commitment over the past year. As part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award they have to volunteer in the l
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  • Deloitte Partnership School

    Published 27/05/20
    We are really excited to be able to announce that we have been successful in becoming a Deloitte partnership school. We are looking forward to working with Deloitte to develop a programme of activities designed to enhance opportunities, raise aspi
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  • Work For Children Staying Home

    Published 23/03/20
    Work for children who are staying at home will be available on the school SharePoint site from Monday 23rd March and additional work will be added each week. To see how to access this work, click on this link to view a simple YouTube video. Some o
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  • Faraday Engineering Challenge

    Published 03/03/20
    On Friday 14th February, eleven Year 8 students from Limehurst attended a “Faraday Engineering Challenge” day at Loughborough University.  The purpose of the day was to give our students the opportunity to take part in a ch
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  • ADT News

    Published 14/02/20
    With half term coming up, here is our ADT News for everything that happened over the last term. Limehurst had a lecturer and students from Loughborough University come in for a workshop with our Y10 3D Designers.  They brought every
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  • The Everyday Eves Project

    Published 28/01/20
    All parents and carers are invited to join us once a month to help make sustainable sanitary items for use in school, for wider family members or to be sent to communities abroad.  We use pretty cotton fabric and plastic free fleece.  No se
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  • What is University?

    Published 09/01/20
    On Wednesday 8th January, 29 year 7 students from Limehurst attended a “What is University” day at Loughborough University.  The aim of the day was to encourage our students to think about higher education as
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  • ADT Official instagram

    Published 10/12/19
    The Limehurst Academy ADT Department have opened up an official Instagram account to celebrate all student design work form years 7-11. Please see all the details below.
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  • Limehurst Year 10 Students Visit to Onyx Insight Engineering in Nottingham

    Published 27/11/19
    On Friday 22nd November, a group of Year 10 Science students visited Onyx Insight Engineering in Nottingham.  The aim was to promote an understanding of careers in engineering.  Onyx is a highly specialised company which focuses o
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